Current and Archived Agenda


Current and Archived Minutes


The Armour School Board meets the second Monday of the month at 7:30 pm in the High School building.


President Larry Ymker

Vice President: Dave Hartmann

Wanda Dally

Jerry Leonard

Dylan Slate

Jodie Spaans

Tina Westendorf

Armour School Board

Mission Statement: The Armour School District, in partnership with the community, will provide each student the opportunity to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially in a safe and orderly environment.

Vision Statement: The Armour School will provide a learning environment that is conducive to developing the unique intellectual, social, physical, and emotional potential of each child. We will be responsive to the learning styles of every child because we believe all children can learn. We believe that high expectations are fundamental to peak performance. We are committed to developing life-long learners who can compete in a global society. Armour’s school vision is built upon the principle of the school as a community of learners and leaders. Teachers and support staff are valued members in a learning environment where cooperation, teamwork and continuous professional growth are expected. Teachers work as collaborative teams when planning curriculum; they design and implement an academic program that is appropriate for their grade level. Teachers enhance the program with their own creativity. An essential component of the school vision is the school/community connection. We view parents as friends and colleagues and together we appreciate the broad diversity in our community. Staff and parents will play a critical role in developing a school where children are successful and thriving. Belief Statements: Students are our first priority. All students can learn and must be taught effectively according to their individual needs and differences and it is their responsibility to learn. Education is a partnership among students, staff, Board of Education, families and the community who share the responsibility of teaching students to value education and life-long learning. Schools must provide a positive and safe environment where mutual respect and individual accountability is learned and practiced. The school environment must promote the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become responsible, productive members of society. An effective educational system is attentive to the needs of a changing and global society. The district must be fiscally accountable while recruiting and retaining quality staff and maintaining and updating programs and facilities.